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Documenting the pollution by an “Excellent Business”: AU Optronics “優良企業”友達污染紀實

If you are going to work in the technology industry, you must read the following messages:

  1. The incident of Siaoli River pollution: The Siaoli River was one of the rare rivers in Taiwan classified as having high water quality and had long been the main source of potable and irrigation water for local communities before 2001. In 2001, two flat panel/ TFT-LCD manufacturers, AU Optronics (AUO) and Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Ltd., set up their large-scale facilities and started to operate their business near the head of the Siaoli River. Since then, these two firms have been discharging around 40,000 tons of wastewater daily into the Siaoli River, totally changing this river’s water quality. This also raises water safety issues as Taiwan Water Corporation supplies 36,000 residents in Hsinpu Township with water taken at the Siaoli River. Rice grains irrigated with water from the Siaoli River are detected with heavy metals. Local residents developed undiagnosed skin disorders (itch and skin turning black) after contacting the river water, and they were also choked, almost fainted, by the river water when collecting water sample for testing.    霄裡溪事件:友達與華映兩間大廠每日排放四萬噸廢水至霄裡溪中,罔顧下游自來水取水口的事實,破壞水體產生環境浩劫。稻米驗出重金屬、當地用水居民出現搔癢症狀,泡水後甚至全身發黑,採水檢驗時還差點嗆昏。(photo:Taiwan Watch Institute 看守台灣)
  2. The judicial controversy over the third stage expansion of the Central Taiwan Science Park: The Supreme Administrative Court voided the environmental impact assessment (EIA) conclusion of the third stage expansion of the Central Taiwan Science Park on January 22, 2010. Why? The developers neither provided adequate data on the chemical and toxic properties of all materials to be used in manufacturing processes nor conducted a health impact assessment beforehand; despite this, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) still concluded that the project posed no serious health and safety risks and did not need to enter second phase EIA. The verdict decision says that granting conditional approval constitutes inadequate consideration of relevant factors and constituted an illegal abuse of administrative discretion. This is the first legal case where the EPA lost a lawsuit. Although the EIA conclusion was voided, the EPA has been tirelessly defending for the developers, who continue the development. The EPA’s reaction was fiercely attacked by theacademic and legal communities, which petitioned to criticize the EPA, an administrative body, for ignoring legal ruling.     中科三期司法爭議: 99年1月21日,最高行政法院認定友達所在的中科三期有污染環境的疑慮,因此判決環評無效,這件台灣史上環保署首度敗訴案,在環保署袒護廠商之下繼續動工,引發法律學界強烈抗議,並連署譴責行政機關違反司法判決。
  3. Food security: If you worry that American beef will threaten the health of people in Taiwan, you must know that the fourth stage expansion of the Central Taiwan Science Park, of which AUO is the largest investor, and Kuo-Kuang Petrochemical Park may very likely pollute Changhua County – the granary of Taiwan and the heartland of agriculture, fishery, and husbandry. Wastewater discharged by AUO, and other firms in the science and petrochemical park, will very likely contain both heavy metals that pollute the national food chain and environmental hormones that significantly threaten the health of Taiwan citizens. You cannot be sure anymore that the rice you eat is not irrigated with polluted water!     糧食安全:如果您擔心美國牛危害國人健康,您更要知道友達將所在的中科四期與國光石化在台灣榖倉及農漁畜牧業重鎮–彰化,其重金屬毒污水的排放將造成全國食物鏈污染,排放環境荷爾蒙,嚴重威脅全國人民的健康,以後怎麼能知道, 你所吃的白米沒有經過面板水泡過?
  4. Forcibly evicting farmers from their farmlands: Purely for the fourth stage expansion of the Central Taiwan Science Park, farmers, many of them are at their 70s and 80s, in the Erlin Township, Changhua County are being forcibly evicting from their homes and farmlands by the “bandit government” and AUO. As forced evictions are proceeding like a raging fire, how will these landless and homeless farmers survive?     強制拆遷農家:為了中科四期的開發案,原居住於二林務農的相思寮的農民遭到強制拆遷的對待,許多七八十歲的老公公、老婆婆的家和賴以維生的農田都被他們口中的"土匪政府"和以後要進駐的"優良企業"-友達光電剝奪走,強制拆遷的一系列舉動正如火如荼展開,一輩子務農的他們沒了土地要如何生存?
  5. All is trade secret: In Taiwan, high-tech industrial wastewater is still ridiculously regulated with non-high-tech industrial wastewater regulations, the EPA therefore said: “To the extent that non-high-tech industrial wastewater regulations do not stipulate, we have no authority to regulate firms in the high-tech industry.” People who have been affected by the Siaoli River pollution asked AUO to publish the contents of the wastewater discharged by AUO, the AUO responded: “The contents of the wastewater that we discharge are trade secret.”     一切都是商業機密:當台灣法規的高科技廢水是以工業廢水當標準,所以環保署:"多出來無法的部分,一切由廠商自行檢測處理。"霄裡溪居民受不了長期受汙染迫害,要求友達公布其排放的廢水時,"合法並且一切依法辦理"的友達說:我們所排放的水是商業機密。
  6. The voices of the dead and injured workers: An international petition campaign to support the electronics manufacturing workers who developed cancers at Samsung in Korea has been proceeding. The impacts of technology industry’s high-risk work environments on the workers are getting increasingly clear. The families and friends of electronics manufacturing workers at Samsung in Korea have discovered a cancer cluster among young workers exposed to toxic chemicals. The pattern of cancer deaths bears a striking resemblance to the pattern of cancer deaths among IBM “chip” workers in the US and to other electronics cancer clusters around the world. (Photo shows a 30-year-old engineer died of cancer.)     工殤之聲:聲援韓國三星罹癌員工的 國際連署行動已正式展開,科技產業高風險的工作環境對員工健康的傷害,已漸漸浮現檯面。在韓國電子製造商三星企業內工作的家人和朋友們,發現暴露在有毒化學物質的年輕工人,好像出現了群聚罹患癌症的現象.這個罹癌死亡的模式,似乎跟美國IBM、罹癌的模式很相似,或是和世界其他地方的電子業罹癌模式很像.(圖為30歲工程師罹癌逝世)

Will technology companies take responsibilities for your health?     科技公司真的會為你的健康負責嗎?

For “Getting to Know AUO in Three Minutes” presentation prepared by the Taiwan Environmental Action Network, please visit: http://0rz.tw/iNc2D

由 台灣環境行動網協會 http://www.teanonline.org提供的『三分鐘認識友達光電』http://0rz.tw/iNc2D


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